Published Poem Books exerts: Social I, Not & Not I, But I Am

Social I, Not

Lying In Wait

It came to me as a storm
Leaving me greatly transformed
I know not where to turn
This thing I had never felt
Was something that made me melt
Tore a whole deep in my heart
That hurt when threatened to depart
Now time goes by as I lay in wait
Hoping time would again open the gate
To let this storm that left me transformed
In once again so my heart would be warmed!

Not I, But I Am

What You Gave Me

The Journey presented hard for me
but the result did improve.
What once was my reality;
now resulting in my approve.
In becoming my actuality
what you gave me did remove
found weakness I can now agree;
was my heart that couldn't move.
Realizing this I wanted to flee,
but instead, now given a reprove.
My place I now stand in glee,
for what you gave to me,
a heart that knows how to bleed.


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