A Poem For Thought

Stop Our Mess

Forcing things to happen causes much anxiety
One can then develop a great amount of stress
This can also greatly affect one’s vitality
Leaving one in a great big mess

For some this becomes their propriety
In making things happen they press
But this can cause much notoriety
Leaving one in great distress

When living life in Christianity
One learns that waiting is a process
Relying on Him improves one’s sanity
Trusting in Him for He will impress

In the fast pace of today’s society
Forcing happenings we can digress
However, the Lord improves our mentality
Wait and trust Him, and stop our mess
   ©Doris Elaine

Thoughts: Waiting and trusting in The Lord can sometimes be hard. Especially in our fast paced world we live today. But forcing things to happen can greatly turn out disastrously. Main reason is because that is our timing trying and not His and our timing can become quite messy.  Waiting and trusting in the Lord to move for you is always better than forcing things to happen on our terms or timing. And, while you wait being productive for Him can improve your cause and well-being. 


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