Poems from Social Media Musings Revisited

These Two Poems, I believe, need revising in honor of the season in tribute to Our Lord God!

From "Social I Not":

God's Best

One looks the worldwide over
For a soulmate that's deemed a must
In giving one's options a once-over
It's God one must learn to trust

For He will lead you to the one
And to one's surprise it will come
For the best to one will match none
Under His guidance two is one to become

Union of the best doesn't always come easy
Especially when one has many to choose
But God is never too busy
One only needs to listen to God's voice 

For the best His to give
To one that is ready to receive
Uniting of God's best for both to live
In God one must learn to trust and believe
©Doris Elaine

Today's Thoughts: If you are alone this Holiday Season, don't loose hope. It's hard when you have no significant other to share the Holidays with, but it's just for a season. In waiting and trusting in the Lord God, He will bring you The Best (His Best) that will be for a lifetime. He's the best match maker in the World; trust in Him. 

From "Not I, But I Am":

Look for the Gold 

In every situation's outcome, Look for the Gold
Rather good or bad the outcome
One must look closer to behold 
The lesson that's due to become
One's lesson in finding the gold

In the outcome of the situation
One's blessing is already foretold
Although blind in the mist of it's duration
The silver lining is in finding the gold

In looking back one needs to behold
That which was destined  for one's good
For the lesson seen can then unfold
Looking past the bad if one would
Placing trust in God above
For with Him one's life is foretold
And comes out of the grace of His love
In situational outcomes, Look for the Gold 
©Doris Elaine

Today's Thoughts: Your situation may not be ideal this Holiday season, but had it not been for the Lord's birth this day we celebrate, we would not have hope of a better situation to come. Enjoy this hope this Holiday season. 


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