A Poem of Thought

Work-Place Politics

Some things just can't be fix
It's everywhere and getting worse
It's called work-place politics

As in some churches, at work there's clicks
Where those alike do greatly converse
As some things just can't be fix

No matter, there's always favorite picks
While others treated greatly adverse
We call it work-place politics

One wonders why your in this place
And realize to this your spirit grows
As the Lord in you shines with grace

For of your struggle He greatly knows
And for some reason He has you there
You pray as His strength to you bestows

Though the treatment doesn't seem fair
Some things you just can't fix
But with the Lord, He helps you bare
To be this place of work-place politics
   ©Doris Elaine

Thoughts: There's always workplace politics no matter where you work or what your job is. Favorites are always played, while other get treated otherwise. Some get higher pay, get special privileges, and others treated as insignificant. Work performance should matter, but today, it seems to be more about conformity. Either you go along with or you get treated badly. Being a Christian in a place where you may be the only one, or the only one taking your belief seriously and not conforming to the ways of others that promote worldly cause is hard. But one should never give up your faith because of work place politics. It may be that the Lord has you in a dark workplace to be a light. Or/and, it may be He has you there for a test or as a lesson in spiritual growth that would benefit you and others. Pray, He will give you strength, show you your purpose for being there, and know you are there for a reason in this place of work-place politics. 


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