A Poem of Thought

Pressing on With Hope

Sometimes in life it’s really hard to cope
In the Lord one given no more than can bare
So one presses on in Him with hope

At times it seems your on a tightrope
To one side or the other you may err
Because in life it’s really hard to cope

Looking at past times under a microscope
Due His grace to you bowing in prayer
As one presses on in Him with hope

Realizing to your life He never said nope
He being the one that really does care
Cause in life it can really be hard to cope

No need with Him to sit and mope
With the Lord your future an heir
As one presses on with Him in hope

In His presence one just wants to elope
Because in His word one becomes aware
When it seems in life really hard to cope
That’s when one presses on in Him with Hope
   ©Doris Elaine

Thoughts: In life’s journey Hope sometimes is all we have or what we need most to get through. It amazes me how knowing the Lord through reading and learning His word gives one unmeasurable Hope. Read Romans 5:1-5. I started this adventure towards writing Christian poetry through a very heartfelt experience  via the social media in Hopes of touching one special and particular person’s heart. At the time that, in the beginning, was all it was about. How my Hope has grown into so much more.  I was not and still am not seeking glory nor fame. All I have done, am not smart enough to have done on my own accord. I give the Lord all the glory in giving me Hope to press on into my call in life. “I press towards the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus” (Philippians 3:14). Now my Hope, that although life at times seems hard to cope, being number one to finally reach my destination with Him and number two to reach as many hearts as possible through His grace and bring with me as many special people as the Lord anoints me to do so. Although my audience is small, my Hope in the beginning was to reach one special heart, am pleased and grateful for the more than one special heart my poetry reaches; thus, amazing Hope. 


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