A Poem of Thought-Special

The Novel Corona virus outbreak is world wide now and hitting just about every where. Courage and faith is greatly needed and prays for everyone. It is important to keep one's faith in these times of affliction and remember The Lord IS your strength and your faith. Never give up on your faith in the Lord. Have courage and pray, He is with us all. 

(Originally posted on "I Am Sowed")

Faithful in Affliction

Health issues can test one's conviction
Especially when they suddenly befall
Best to stay faithful in affliction

The devil does promote contradiction
In life trying to create a downfall
Because health issues test one's conviction

Don't loose faith in this made friction
As depression aims at your free fall
It's best to stay faithful in affliction

Standing firm you give the devil an eviction
In knowing the Lord on Him you do call
When health issues test one's conviction

Sometimes one's health promotes restriction
In causing one's faith to greatly stall
Always best to stay faithful in affliction

In this He gave life due His crucifixion
As He suffered in health above all
Sometimes health issues test one's conviction
Always best to remain faithful in affliction
   ©Doris Elaine

Thoughts: It's hard to remain faithful when one is suddenly afflicted with health issues that may affect one the rest of your life; such as, cancer, blood viruses, or many other health issues. God, the Lord does not punish, but He allows in testing of one's faith. He is a just God. Sometimes things happen for a reason and although we may not be able to reason why, there is a reason in His plan for your life. As you can see in the book of Job in the Bible. He was tested through the Lord allowing the devil to afflict Job in many ways; but, Job never gave up his faith. When afflicted with health issues, that's when you need the Lord the most. He will see you through; have faith.  It's always best to stay faithful and not give up your faith in the Lord, when afflicted with health issues. "above all, taking the shield of faith with which you will be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked one" (Esp. 6:16. NKJV).


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