A Tervillazanelle Poem for Thought

Here a "My Form Created" Tervillazanelle Poem for Thought.

The Way It Was

To this difference we do now pause
In knowing our world under change
Never again to be the way it was

For when the Great Depression gave cause
Even then affected the stock exchange
To this difference we now pause

As the economy worldwide suffers because
To this virus normal commerce now strange
Never again to be the way it was

When this thing does eventually leave
Things that was can never be no more
To this we greatly need to believe

As back to the past we now look for
Hoping things soon return to normal
But to this it never be as before

Although hard, we know it be subnormal
As to this difference we now pause
And later, through change to this we shall
Never again to be the way it was
   ©Doris Elaine

Thoughts: I hear people saying: "Can't wait until this virus thing is over so things can get back to normal". I hate to burst everyone's bubble; but things will never be the way things used to be; nor, per say normal. Just as the Great Depression took decades to recover from and through that many things had to change in doings things different or better; so, is this worldwide pandemic going to change us and take awhile to recover from.  Hopefully, we will be better from this. Bottom line-after this does eventually pass, things will not and cannot be the way it was. 


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