New My Form, Tervillazanelle Poem

It's Not My Place

Sometimes in life burdens can be misplace
Especially when emotions involved
But, in time one learns it's not my place

As one takes on the challenge to embrace
What seems something one has resolved
But, sometimes in life burdens are misplace

Although one approaches this thing with grace
To the struggle one has dissolved
As in time one learns it's not my place

Resolution in question not mine to give
In letting go this place I stayed
It being the other's burden to live

As one not being selfish, nor betrayed
Realizing this place the other's adheres
To my emotions moving on unafraid

As one that's brought to awareness in tears
Knowing in life burdens can be misplace
Evaluating this place pushing back fears
I've come to learn it's not my place
   ©Doris Elaine

Thoughts: Sometimes we stay in a place for a while trying to resolve an issue that place created due our emotional tie to the situation. I guest thinking eventually, if staying there long enough it will resolve itself. But, often this doesn't happen and in staying one can be missing out or harming oneself in the process of trying to hang on to an emotional situation that may never resolve. I know I am guilty of this. But, have learned even though it's sometimes hard to move on from this very emotional place, it can become a burden that may not even be yours', but the other person's place to resolve. 


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