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Generational Misconception

Not your generation, brings objection
For misunderstanding does set in
In generational misconception

We need to see upon it's conception
Before the attitude does begin
As your generation brings objection

When not your age, hard to give affection
Bringing great misunderstanding therein
Due generational misconception

Often a generation thinks theirs the best
No thought of human a consideration
Even when one's feelings is stressed

To one receiving this treatment, frustration
Due misunderstanding of one's being
Because one not of that generation

Age gaps can promote disagreeing
To your generation, there's objection
Awareness to this revealing
In this generational misconception
      ©Doris Elaine

Thoughts: We all are born, become children, mature to young adults, age to middle age, and grow old. Everyone goes through this generatioanl process. Sometimes we forget how it was being in a certain genration or not realizing one day we will be in that generation and tend to treat a person in a genaration different than our own badly. And we tend to accept certain actions from one that is younger than one older. Sure one older should be wiser, but additionally certain physical attributes do break down. And due a consistantly changing world perspectives change as well. Wise is the one that considers these things in treatment of others in a world of genrational misconceptions. 


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