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To Each Their Own

Sometimes we hear put down from others
That be better in their country
As comparisons made of another's

When to our country others enters
Crisis breakout they talk abruptly
Sometimes we hear put down from others

To their own countries their cultures
Strength & weakness seeing displayed bluntly
As comparisons made of another's

There's no comparison one to another
For each country splendor it's own
No matter, here be as to rather

As drawn to here something made known
In pretense of better than there
But in the difference now some moan

In times of hard becoming aware
Sometimes we hear put down from others
For as known their own they declare
As comparisons made of another's
      ©Doris Elaine

Thoughts: Living in United States and working  a customer service job where seeing people from all over the world I hear much. In addition work for people originating from another county. There is much talk about comparison of the Coronavirus outbreak and recovery as to how much better a county compared to another due these statistics. Which, to me, is just simply ridiculous. So, if better, something brought you here-to another country-or you wouldn't here. Many moan, complain, and compare once settled in another country; especially when a crisis happens. Again, it's ridiculous. Each country has it's own splendor, strengths, and weaknesses; one no better than the other, to each their own. 


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