New "My Form Created" Poem-That's Life!

That's Life!

When doing what we know is right in life
According to how our creator meant
A faithful servant knows great peace after-life

Many times that life can become strife
Leaving relationships all bent 
When doing what one knows is right in life

In the scheme of life we loose people
Due to your belief their discontent
A faithful servant knows peace be after-life 

For to some our belief seems radical
Then people leave you due this conviction
While others may see you as admirable

To this loss and gain brings friction
In the scheme of life a believer knows
In faith one stands in this depiction

Great the afterlife when this life here does close
When doing what one knows is right in life
The faithful's knowledge of life grows
A faithful servant knows peace be after-life
   ©Doris Elaine

Thoughts: In life we do loss and gain friends and family members and many times it's due our convictions in what we believe. I have learned and decided I am not giving up my beliefs in my religious views as a Christian for no one. It's ashamed people, yes even friends and family, judge and leave us due this obligation. But, have learned we will loose family and friends because of; but, additionally gain new friends. For some this can be hard; but to me it's simple; that's life!


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