New "My Form Created, Tervillazanelle" Poem

Scared Loneliness

It's a very scary place to be
When there's no one to share your being
As lonely now an empty nest for thee

Struggled to raise your children gave degree
But now your without a song to sing
It's a very scary place to be

Your responsibility now set free
In this new season you agreeing
As lonely now an empty nest for thee

For fast & furious the time did escape
As children to adults they grew
To this your life given to them agape

Selflessness you gave in what you knew
In account of protection for them
As for friendships, there where only a few

Friends lost in time and lonely you become
It's a very scary place to be
Struggle with purpose your hymn the outcome
As lonely now an empty nest for thee
   ©Doris Elaine

Thoughts: There are seasons in our life and these different seasons can sometimes create extreme emotions. One season is the one when all your children are finally grown. Some develop the empty nest syndrome during this season and it can be very lonely and scary. It does seem to be a bit easier for couples as they have each other; but still difficult. However, for a single parent who have devoted most their adult life to raising their children, down to this purpose being their whole life can be extremely emotional. Including the development or non-development of friends. Then all the sudden their all grown and your purpose in life has changed; as well as your responsibly. It's a struggle to live only for yourself now. The agape (Greek word for Love) you gave and showed in selflessness for your children you now have to direct elsewhere and this is a very lonely task when there's no one to direct it to. An empty nester by yourself is a scary lonely place to be!


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