"My Form Created" Poem

My Constant

You have been with me a long time
This I do greatly appreciate
Although it has not always been prime

We have been through some things overtime
Of which some have been really great
As you have been with me a long time

For you I would go through again anytime
I thank you as in moments you did wait
Although it has not always been prime

At times I thought for sure you were gone
But you hung in there with great strength
Not leaving me alone you held on

When to your strength mine only a tenth
And you could have flew away as a dove
But you held on to us at great length

As my constant we fit like a glove
You have been with me a long time
To this you've showed me great love
Although times had not always been prime
   ©Doris Elaine

Thoughts: Friends are a gift in life and often are not chosen but made over time. Times with a true friend often include trying moments that can test one's friendship(s) on both ends. Although I don't really have what can be called a true friend, there is one being that has been by my side-sometimes I unknowing-through the hard and good times. I am so thankful to know now this being never left my side. That being is Jesus Christ; my constant.


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