New "My Form Created" Poem

Strength Under Control

We as Christians learn to maintain a role
As we grow under guidance of the Lord
He will bestow us strength under control

To this reflection of Him our goal
When to us His knowledge is poured
We as Christians learn to maintain a role

He beckons with His words to our soul
Maintaining us under society's sword
He will bestow us strength under control

Our role humble in strength, not timid & weak
To this our right in social preference
In maintaining a soul that's meek

To this being smart makes a difference
And sensible when to His words we grow
In knowledge the Bible gives this reference

In this we socialize as He bestow
We as Christians learn to maintain a role
Being humble in spirit we do show
As He will bestow strength under control
   ©Doris Elaine

Thoughts: Being a Christian today in this very social world can be hard; especial when interacting on the Social Media. We do have a humbling role to play in society, but that does not mean to be timid. I have learned in being humble we have a right to make social preferences in the way of staying away from certain social activities that overt our role as a Christian; such as, being rude, mean, and causing or interacting in a troublesome way. In trying to win an argument, one has already lost. Better to avoid or walk away. Our role and goal is to maintain meekness in helping to win souls for the Lord. In this role and endeavor the Lord, in His words, can give you strength under control. 


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