New " My Form Created" Poem

 We Choose Him In Devotion

Some brag to one as being chosen
But to this understanding, I think not
As we chose Him in devotion

For some religions believe to be chose in
Making themselves the only one in thought
As some brag to one as being chosen

But to this thought wrong to those in
When to the Lord one greatly sought
As we chose Him in devotion

It's truly our choice to make
Not that of men of who is greater
In His eyes we are equal to His sake

For in His words this made straighter
All are loved and many are called
By Him as our gracious creator 

In birth to our soul His presence installed
But some brag to one as being chosen
And to this human thought be appalled
As we chose Him in devotion
    ©Doris Elaine

Thoughts: God does chose people(s) for special task in accordance to His will. And, He does predestine His people in giving a certain task as He already knows who will chose Him and be faithful when the time comes in fulfillment of the special task. A good article to read about being chosen by God at this website Being chosen does not mean better nor is something to brag about. And being chosen does not mean one being the only one having special connections to the Lord nor that only if chosen for a special task will one have salvation. All are equal in His eyes and all can have the gift of salvation. "For many are called, but few are chosen" (Matt. 22:14. NKJV). Abraham, Noah, The disciples were chosen for a special task; but, it was up to them to fulfill this task in devotion to Him. 


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