A Poem for Thought

  Opposites Attract

Makes reasonable why one makes contact
For the interaction balances for each
As in this world opposites attract

The relationship is not lacked
As sometimes it can become a reach
Makes reasonable why one makes contact

Where one is lacking the other intact
Making the relationship as peach
As in this world opposites attract

One shy sometimes draws to one outgoing
Keeping the social spirit in balance
Allowing both room in growing

For instance: sin of the Lord is absence
Yet to sinners His attraction be
An attraction that gives life a rebalance

Seems the Lord to this He did foresee
Makes reasonable why one makes contact
For our sinful souls with Him are set free
As in this world opposites attract
      ©Doris Elaine

Thoughts: Makes since why opposites attract in this world as seems that to be from the beginning. As the Lord's attraction to sinners is clear and that be His purpose; among many purposes. Perhaps one's purpose is to help the next being with where that being is lacking you are experienced; to help each other. Although many don't see it that way. Just how boring and un-useful would this world be if we where all alike. As some try to have relationships where the two are exactly alike or share exact interest and many times these relationships end up not working. Don't take me wrong, its good to have some of the same interest, really depending; but how much better in helping each other through this life if the relationship includes some opposite attraction. As from the beginning, with the Lord, in this world opposites attract. 


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