Growing Strong in The Lord. Part 2 Poem

 Once in Awhile

Our rewards can be blind and mild
Especially when to it the road was hard
But life can surprise you once in awhile

As others to you had been hostile
To this your heart became closed and charred
As rewards can sometimes be blind and mild

Then one enters that greatly makes you smile
For you thought that no one even cared
But life can surprise you once in awhile

As you give praise to God above
Your heart slowly opens again in thanks
This person has taught you again of love

Pain of past slowly melts as you relax
A friend indeed was all you needed
To help you see through the past attacks

The warmth and love of care is then seeded
For rewards can sometimes be blind and mild
The one sent from God above succeeded
Because life surprises you one in awhile
      ©Doris Elaine

Thoughts: Life can be really harsh and hard for many. I know mine had been and did not see that any one even cared, at one point. Although I knew God did,  I needed a human to show care; as well. Being a friend to a hurting person may very well be their saving grace in showing love to others and in loving life again. Always try to have compassion for others as we are here to love one another. Remember this and give a hurting person a hand in friendship. It may be a challenge but worth the reward and very well may be a surprise in their life they have not had in awhile.  


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