Growing Strong in the Lord Poem

 Rise Above

You can fly on angel wings free of
The burdens of life thats brought of evil
As the Lord helps you to rise above

Giving you peace bringing one out of
A dark place where in this world lives the devil
As you fly on angel wings free of

When others draw you in using your love
As their soul known to love is deceitful
The Lord will help you rise above

For some compassion their soul is cold to
Where their heart is filled with black coals
No worries to their soul comes what is due

Be brave and strong remember who controls
Our lives no matter if one be in Christ
Believe or not this world Christ patrols

When attacks do come and your soul's been priced
You can fly above on angel wings free of
Knowing your soul belongs to God sufficed
As the Lord helps you to rise above  
      ©Doris Elaine

Thoughts: Sometimes as Christians we get attack by non-believers or bad people as many have no compassion for others. It can be hard when to them yourself is given in love. As we are supposed to love one another, but many use love to hurt others. No worries and no need to seek revenge as that would not be what the Lord wants of a true Christian. You need not do anything except know and pray for their soul. Every soul is worth saving; but it's their decision to make. For we have a mighty and vengeful God who will fight for us. Not that we are better, no not by far, just owned through the blood of Jesus and that's powerful. The raft of God is not to be messed with when you have hurt one of His. He will help His fly on angel wings and to rise above. 


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