Growing Strong Part 2 Poem

 Matters of Life

Life can cut you in your soul like a knife
That molds your being into who you are
Helps in knowing its only matters of life

Sometimes we look for answers when there's strife
As to your soul you bare life's scar
Life can cut you in your soul like a knife

Accepting self then comes as love of life
Awaking of being that your not bizarre
Helps in knowing its only matters of life

We all have life challenges to sort
To different your being a blazing 
So don't stress in selling yourself short

Be you for to God your soul amazing
When to life the deep cut has left you guessing
For to Him you belong in praising

To your life there's no sense in stressing
When life does cut your soul like a knife
Knowing God's waiting to give you His blessing
In knowing it's only matters of life
      ©Doris Elaine

Thoughts: We can get stressed in life; in particular in trying to understand who you are and why you are like you are. Sometimes things happen the way they do for a reason and trying to reason this can bring one to the realization that you are different; and that's okay because God's loves you as you are when to life the scars are deep in your soul. Life can also lead us to an unfamiliar path that can sometimes be hard to navigate; thus challenging. But we all have challenges in life and in knowing this, remember it's only matters of life. 


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