A Poem for Thought

 Soul Cry

When problems become amplified
In placing anxiety in your being
This mental stress cause one's soul crying

It may seem one's being is dying
Cause the problems are all one is seeing
 When problems become amplified

To this the Lord can give clarifying
As He breaks the chains to one freeing
Because mental stress cause one's soul crying

The chains of bondage soon falls away
Giving one's soul tremendous peace
As the Lord embraced one this day

When sometimes it seems no one does care, pray
The Lord sparks a fire deep in one's soul
In His love one then does learn to stay

Because stress can place in the heart a hole
When problems become amplified
The Lord steps in to replace it with peace
Gone mental stress that caused one's soul crying
     ©Doris Elaine 

Thoughts: Problems; rather they be material or heartfelt can cause great pain in one's soul making for one's being great stress and anxiety. It is not and never has been the Lord's plan for us to live in this mental anguish. At times, I have allowed problems (material and heartfelt) to drill a hole in my being to where I could not find peace as these problems radiated deep in my soul. The Lord can break the bondage and set you free of the chains that bind your soul. When He does it's like a fire for love of life has replaced the hole that problems created in anxiety deep in your being. If you have not peace in your being due problems, pray and trust in the Lord and soon your soul will no longer cry. 


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