Growing Strong in The Lord Acrostic Poem

 Jesus My Savior

Just when I think "I can't"
Excitement He gave in this to know
Strength received to me He does grant
Understanding in Him I do trust and grow
Salvation my soul now does rant

Merry inside and out is now aglow
You my Lord inside my soul does chant

Smiling with joy to me you bestow
Anguish gone, my heart given a transplant
Victory to my soul does now overflow
In love with you Lord my heart enchant
On my heart love now does show
Remembering it was you to "I can" implant
     ©Doris Elaine 

Thoughts: In times when we think we can't do something or to continue in the season of life we are in, Jesus will give you strength to carry on. In addition He will brace your heart with love to persevere what ever you think you can't get through. One just needs to learn to be in perseverance mode and be patient rather than in worry mode. Once one understands this He will implant in your heart a "I can" spirit.  


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