"Growing Strong in The Lord" Poem

 Let Go and Live

One must learn how in life to thrive
This sometimes past situations make it hard
As one learns how to let go and live

Even when hurt in past, to this forgive
For in order to move on unbarred
In learning how in life to thrive

For one's future with God is well and alive
To one's past He's forgiven with regard
When one learns to let go and live

Hard to live good stuck in the past
It's to this hard place to self one does harm
As opportunity slips by ever so fast

To one's future He signals an alarm
In knowing with God your future is bright
As He guides one out of past to charm

When to one's past happiness a fight
One must learn how in life to thrive
Draw near to God in His foresight
In learning how to let go and live
     ©Doris Elaine 

Thoughts: We do sometimes get stuck in our past; especially when it has been hurtful and hard. In doing this we also forget, sometimes, how to thrive and live beyond our past. And in doing this we can also miss out on the "now' and "future" opportunities life has for us. But, no matter, how hurtful and/or hard one's past, with God one always has the joy of now and a bright future. One just needs to learn how to thrive beyond past and let go and live. 


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