Growing Strong in The Lord Poem

 What I Want Doesn't Matter

When to my flesh my thoughts do scatter
My being can become greatly worried
But to this what I want doesn't matter

Considering wants or needs, its the latter
To where my focus should be hurried
When to my flesh my thoughts do scatter

He serves my needs on a silver platter
With God in this I'm always unworried
As to what I want doesn't matter

For the Lord knows me better than myself
If my wants don't soon come to light
I place my fleshly wants on a shelf

Because I know to this He gives me light
When to my wants my flesh cries out
As it may not be good, myself despite

Learning to these wants, not what its about
When to my flesh my thoughts do scatter
He does give my heart's desire with a shout
Because to what I want doesn't matter
     ©Doris Elaine 

Thoughts: Sometimes our flesh can convince our being that we want something that we really do not need to carry on in our lives. Its okay to pray for things we want, but within that prayer always remember to say "In your will only, God". Put trust in God that He will give you your heart's desire and trust that He knows better than you to what your true heart's desire is. Then be patient in letting Him make that decision for you. "Delight yourself also in the Lord, And He shall give you the desires of your heart" (Psalm 37:4. NKJV).  He will always provide you with your needs to survive in life and that's what matters, as to what I want doesn't matter; so much. 


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