Growing Strong in The Lord Poem

 Giving All My Trust in God

Hard to know these days due so much fraud
In giving of one's self it can be hard
I'm giving all my trust in God

Past hurt from humankind makes this flawed
Especially when to the heart it scarred
Hard to know these days due so much fraud

But God can fix what's broken in awed
Protection He gives one's soul to safeguard
I'm giving all my trust in God

Reinstatement in trust one looks to the Lord
For with Him one soon learns of peace
In knowing His love to your soul He poured

Then knowing in Him one's trust at ease
As one surrenders one's being to Him
The pain of past soon does then release

I know my trust not taken on a whim
Hard to know these days due so much fraud
For with Him I now sing praise with a hymn
As I'm giving all my trust in God
     ©Doris Elaine 

Thoughts: With so much fraud out there these days it's so hard to know who to trust. And especially when it comes to matters of the heart where in this matter one was greatly hurt in the past. Healing in someone's trust, basically being destroyed, may only come in placing one's trust in God in Him giving protection of one's heart. Many may want to say "come on, step out, take a chance". I have learned in dealing with one whose trust has been destroyed, you can't force trust upon them. And that it may take a very special and understanding and patient person to help this person to gain trust in anyone again. Some just don't have this understanding, nor patient, or are not willing to put the effort it would take to break through one's barriers placed in one's heart to ever trust again. And, it’s not their fault, they just haven’t had their trust broken in this manner, nor/or to this magnitude. Just because your trust may be destroyed does not bring down your value to humankind, in a sense this may raise your value in maturity; especially these days. It takes time to gain trust in any relationship and a mature person will understand this and be willing to give the effort needed. But one needs to understand and be mature enough themselves not to take advantage of others in this; that kindness goes a long way in any relationship and to just be honest. Know your value in other areas of your character that makes you, you. And know your value as a God fearing person in giving your heartfelt trust in God. 


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