Growing Strong in The Lord Poem

 Gambler Vs. Investor

Your being can become a requestor
Then your soul does soon rage in war
Conflict be gambler vs. investor

Matters to which one allows to fester
And to which your thoughts you do pour
Your being can become a requestor

As sometimes your being can be a protestor
When to the win the outside given more
Conflict be gambler vs. investor

Wants and desires of flesh a gambler
That to one's being can take its toll
Where one's thoughts soon become as a rambler

Wants & desires an investor be the soul
Where focused thoughts of God feeds one's spirit
In helping to make one's being whole

Gambling on a flesh call can dispirit
As your being becomes a requestor
Waging war your soul that be inspirit
Conflict be gambler vs. investor
     ©Doris Elaine 

Thoughts: There is a spiritual war raging all around us; particularly over possession of our souls. The soul not being flesh that does be where evil attacks our being; in fleshly wants and desires. When one listens to one's fleshly desires more than one's spiritual desires one is gambling with one's own soul. We are all sinners, but we have been given the ability to make choices in what we do. When one listens more to one's God given spirit being in desires one is investing in the future of one's own soul. Our souls are in a raging war where conflict be gambler (Flesh) vs. investor (Spirit Being). Your Choice! 


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