Growing Strong in The Lord Poem

 His Love is Magic

Without love one's life can be tragic
And to this loneliness brings a tear
Know in this world His love is magic

For without this need brings no logic
One's days soon is filled with great fear
As without love one's life can be tragic

When to your heart this brings static
As reason becomes to you unclear
Know in this world His love is magic

God holds you in His arms says love is near
For He knows your need to this is great
Saying don't give up hope I know your fear

As to this human need He made great
He our creator placed this in our heart
Not letting this life pass to be our fate

If in this world one soon does depart
Without love where life be tragic
To heaven belongs one's heart apart
As known in this world His love is magic
      ©Doris Elaine 

Thoughts: As one gets older one can soon realize a piece of life to one is missing. That piece can sometimes be something one never had for one's self that is a human part of life as a need that God ingrained deep in our souls; that being the need to one's self for human love. But for many obtaining this can be a great challenge due life happenings that left one without this most human need. And many times because this was lacking in one's life one may not even know how to express or give it to others. One may even know of this most human need as having given it up for one's self for the love of others. As twisted as one's soul may be without this being present in one's life, God knows one's need and has a plan to bring this need into one's life in making one soul whole again without changing one's precious being. Trust and belief in God is greatly needed in these times in knowing in this world His love is magic. 


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