Acrostic Poem - Happy Sunday

 Happy Sunday

Holy this day we worship Him
Applauding God for our being
Praise we lift our voice in a hymn
Prayers we send to Him agreeing
Yes, we say to His love that's never slim

Soon we will unite in heaven above
Union of this will be the best
Now we live in this hope we speak of
Days gone by that we are blessed
After all He gave them to us in love
Yesterday, tomorrow & today in Him we rest
      ©Doris Elaine

Thoughts: Happy Sunday, indeed! Every day can be a happy day when one devotes them self to the Lord Jesus Christ. We rest our hope in Him in prayers that go up to Him every day. Singing a praise of thanks as we worship Him on Sunday is a blessed sound in union He hears. But, we can in every day of the week thank Him for our very existence and that is the happiness we have dwelled in yesterday and are going to dwell in tomorrow as we rest in Him today. Happy Sunday!


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