Sunday, July 25, 2021

Godly Woman by Andile Andy (Really like this Poem)

Godly Women by Andile Andy

 A woman who walks in God's love. 
Reflecting the beauty of the father above. 
Who is not defeated by things most men find tough. 
A woman whose not just a pretty face 
But a woman of God's grace 
Beholding God's face 
A woman who lives knowing she's headed heaven in God's place. 
A woman of good character, not better competence. 
A woman who symbolizes the goodness of God by her excellence. 
A woman who pray for her house, and other residence.
She walks with the Lord 
shouting, pleading's how me the way oh God'. 
I'm talking abhor a woman whose 'BAD'. 
Baptized and delivered. 
I'm talking about a woman whose 'MAD' 
Magnificent and devoted. 
I'm talking about the forever loved lovable leading ladies. 
Who help us see the best in our daddies. 
A woman whose blessed. 
And knows that can never be reversed.
A woman who does not Drink, 
But raises the bar. 
A woman who prays to properly Think, 
before making decisions that will put her away from God afar. 
A woman of noble character like Ruth. 
Who teaches her family that only God is the truth. 
A woman who would ask God to tell satanic thoughts to get off her. 
A woman who would never sacrifice faith by what the world has to offer. 
A woman who conquers like how Ester conquered Haman. 
A woman who makes the best out of a man. 

 I am talking about a Godly woman

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