A Poem and Thoughts

 When Your Drive Does Change

Most times in life things do rearrange
Causing one's foothold to miss and slip
When in your life your drive does change

Your goal has taken on that of strange
For what once was now hard to grip
Most times in life things do rearrange

To this your thoughts you learn to exchange
Giving new reasoning to ownership
When in your life your drive does change

In this time of strange, God you rely on
For with Him He recalls your strength of past
When the drive in your life leaves and is gone

Especially when your life goes so fast
And then to that day you do realize
Your purpose in life to new it cast

As to new purpose your drive revise
For most times in life things do rearrange
Bur your purpose to God is no surprise
When in your life your drive does change
      ©Doris Elaine

Thoughts: It seems with most people, there is something that drives one in life to keep going, even through the hard times. And when that thing (purpose) is gone, one may slip and find it hard to regain one's footing; thus, purpose for keep going. For example, take my experience as a single mother raising four children by myself.  Because of my love and devotion to them, no matter our situation, it was this love and devotion for them that kept me going, even through the hard times. That was my drive and my life. Then they all grew up, and my purpose to keep going, was all of the sudden, gone; thus, my drive in life had to change. At first, I was happy I was no longer responsible for them (other than occasionally helping them when I could and lending an ear). Then, I was lost saying "well, what do I do now". I no longer possessed a purpose; or at least, that's the way it seemed to me.  I needed something or someone to devote myself to in regaining my drive in life as it was the love and devotion to raising my children that keep me going. That's when, as circumstances in my life played out, I was brought back to my Christian roots and was led back to God. He gave me drive again; thus, purpose. Still my path seems a little slippery due this change in drive as I gain more and more understanding of my purpose now; but, at least now my drive is back, even thou it has changed. 

Side Note: Someone recently told me, when I mentioned to them how hard a certain situation was (how heartbroken it left me), saying "You need to be tuff". If I could only tell that person, "You have no idea how tuff I have been and still are, only that my life has changed and I am still-somewhat- getting a grip on my drive in life". As Christians we are supposed to love someone enough to encourage one another and not laugh or make fun of someone when one is expressing concerns in something they are not used to or when one is experiencing a change in their life.


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