Poem of Thought-When False Hope Given

 When False Hope Given

When to one's words you are driven
Then one's words become misleading
The Lord is there when false hope given

One's words of hope bashed, you have forgiven
However your heart now is bleeding
When to one's words you did become driven

Now it's with the Lord true hope is then
His word gives strength in proceeding
For the Lord is there when false hope given

His word never fails when human words do
Never changing His mind to what He has said
True in hope to helping see you through

Although with the let down your filled with dread
And seems your hope has taken a beating
His word can give back you hope to sore ahead

No need to let your hope to be depleting
When to one's words you had become driven
True hope in His word is what's completing
For the Lord is there when false hope is given
      ©Doris Elaine

Thoughts: Sometimes people can give false hope in saying words of promises. When these words have an extended time period one begins to count on these words and one's life can become driven to those words and promises. Then, when things change and the one does not or can not hold up to the promised words, it can bash one's hope. I recently experienced this as words of promises that would have positively affected the rest of my life was given me for well over a year from a relative. My hope for a relatively relaxed future was tremendously bashed. Although I do understand and have forgiven, I was mad, then I cried as I felt I was given false hope. In an effort of restoring my depleting hope in man's word, I dug into God's word and found many passages about the hope God can give us. One stood out for me; "For I know the thoughts that I think towards you, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope". (Jerimiah 29:11. NKJV). Although my hope and belief in the words of human kind has taken a hit, I know without a doubt, God never changes His mind nor His promised words towards us, And in His word I can count on when human words (rather, intentionally or not) give false hope. 


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