A Poem of Thought


Makes the World go Round

Due past experiences to them I frowned 
But my learning perspective has changed
As toys and tools makes the world go round

When the need for social them I found
And my life became rearranged
From the experiences to them I frowned 

Learning to some it's just a playground
Where some need this their life estranged
As toys and tools makes the world go round

Also have learned they can be a tool
If used properly, but some have misused
As in the hands of some they can make a fool

For to these tools some have abused
Making them toys out of tools alike
Have learned to this to be amused

Now that my perspective has changed
When to my past experiences I had frowned
To now my thoughts to these rearranged
As toys and tools makes the world go round 

      ©Doris Elaine

Thoughts: My past experiences with Social Media applications, at times, was very emotionally draining; not good. But, thanks to those experiences I now have a new perspective on Social Media applications. Leaned they can be both good and bad, depending on how one uses them. Awareness to this now amuses me. In our world we now live, it's almost impossible not to use them, or at least be curious of them. We do have a choice rather to use them or not; but, as the world moves closer and closer to a totally technological atmosphere it's a good idea and a benefit to understand and know how Social Media applications function as toys and tools, alike. After all, toys and tools makes the world go round. 


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