Love & Pain = Sacrificial Love


Sacrificial Love


To find the difference, I tried in vain 
Only to learn in this there be none
To know the difference of love and pain

One without the other, one can go insane
Its the balance of both where each is spun
Finding the difference, I tried in vain

For deep in the heart resides their domain
Connecting the two from where it begun
Knowing no difference of love and pain

For Christ died in pain for us out of love
As God gave His only Son as a sacrifice
Both love and pain resided thereof

From His heart out of pain love gave advice
Christ showed His inner pain worth the cost
Denial to self love, He paid the price

Where to both neither love nor pain was lost
In finding the difference, I tried in vain
But Christ showed me there be none; on the cross 
Knowing no difference of love and pain  

      ©Doris Elaine

Thoughts: Although, very recently I cried out to the Lord over not having nor having given true love of and to a human man; I've come to realize I have and have given true love. You see, I raised my children as a single mother in a very protective environment, being very cautious who I brought around my children to the point of them being my whole life. I even stayed devoted to a man for nearly two decades that I did not have true love for just to keep a roof over their heads. He lived in his place and I in mine; and when we did interact it was mostly at his place. And, of course this did not happen right away before a few life situations. But, then my children were grown. That's when I had realized I never developed friendship nor true love of a man due my loving devotion to my children. I was in protection mode and thought I had self-sacrificed love for myself. Now, I look back and realize what I thought I gave up for myself was out of love for my children, even they now see that. So, if love is nothing without pain and sacrifice, I paid the price in giving and obtaining true love. That is true love; self sacrifice in putting the well-being and happiness of others over your own. So, yes I have and have given true love. I no longer crave true love, as I know I have displayed it and that I have it with our Lord Jesus Christ who showed us the ultimate sacrificial love when He died on the cross in pain out of love for human kind. Thank you Lord for the sacrificial life I had and for embracing me in Your Love, now; and happily so. To me, I see no difference in love and pain; one cannot and does not exist without the other. 

"Self love is popular, sacrificial love is Biblical" 


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