Acrostic Poem - Self Doubt


 Self Doubt

Sometimes from this world one may want out
Especially when in hard times in life 
Leaving one wondering what life's all about
Forming within one's self much strife


Doubt within then gives out a shout
Opening one's heart; truth cuts as a knife
Unity in heart and soul; giving thought another route 
Believing in self honesty in the walk in life
Teaching one to be strong in self doubt
                            ©Doris Elaine 

Thoughts: Self doubt can be good sometimes in one's spiritual growth in life. It's okay in having doubting moments; especially when they come with hard times. If one would look at these moments as a learning experience in learning just how strong one can be; life does become a bit easier and leaves self doubt in less control. Don't let self doubt control your life. Even when in experiencing self doubt the truth about one's self rears it's head. It's okay to make a mistake or overthink a situation in bringing about self doubt. Understanding and accepting this about one's self in life helps one face one's honest self. Thus, promoting strength within one's soul to carry on in life. 

Never Give Up On Yourself!


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