I Believe and Trust Poem


In You I Believe and Trust

Putting my faith in something is a must 
In theses days hard to know what to believe
But in You Lord I believe and trust

So many follow what the world does lust
And to this I do greatly grieve
For some their faith in this a must

Morales and values this world I'm disgust
As the world turns and satan does deceive
But in You Lord I believe and trust

As in this world there's so much to partake
My belief in the here after gets tested
Where my trust in You Lord is brake or make

Your presence in my life, I am invested
As I've seen what You can and will do
And for me Your existence has been attested


You've always been faithful to me I knew
Putting my faith in something a must
With You my faith flourished and grew
In You Lord, I believe and trust
      ©Doris Elaine

Thoughts: There are so many things in this world that people invest their whole being into. Such as: money, clothing, food, fame, pets, T.V., movies, cellphones, internet (web), technology, the latest of everything,.....and the list goes on and on. Although, some things one cannot do without in survival, to worship these things is the deceit that satan has made some believe. In believing in God, He will provide one with every need and that's no lie. There have been many times when I did not think I was going to make it and then something happens to prove me wrong. I know this was the Lord's faithfulness in keeping my children and I safe. That, I whole heartedly believe.  If nothing else, the peace God gave me in hard times certainty helped me survive. All us humans, most times, we need something to have faith in to push forward and survive. After all, we are habitual creatures. The world is consistently changing, as well as the things in the world. Things of the world can fade, increase and decrease, or even, go away completely. And that is not something I can whole heartily trust. One thing I can put my faith in is God Our Lord, as He never changes. This I can and do grab holt of in this world where one almost must put one's faith in something. As for me, in The Lord I believe and trust. 


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