A Poem about Honesty


The Best Policy is Honesty

In this I believe honestly 
No matter what the situation
The best policy is honesty

There is no doing it modestly
When lying to one causes frustration
For in this I believe honestly

Above all when knowing this consciously
It's to self the harm done in relation
As the best policy is honesty

Even when truth to one may alarm
Honesty still best in helping one deal
Then to frustration one can disarm

For in truth one is given an appeal
Where lying shows self to be deceptive
Then it becomes hard to come back as real


Truth sometimes hard in being receptive
A lie can do more damage than good
Truth as afterthought can be perceptive

Best to tell the truth from start if one would 
For In this I believe honestly
Being honest with one's self, one should
As the best policy is honesty  

      ©Doris Elaine

Thoughts: Telling lies is never good. Honesty is the best thing to do in any relationship; rather couples, as parents, as children, as siblings, as friends, and as co-workers. Some have a tendency to think a little white lie is okay and in some cases necessary. I used to think that same way. The problem is, we humans are habitual creatures, as such, in getting away with or thinking telling one white lie doesn't hurt, can and in most cases, turns into more lying. For instance: I have a co-worker that will tell a lie in a heart beat to keep from being honest in a mistake she made. She will pass the mistake she made off on someone else by completely lying that she had anything to do with it. And, what's so crazy is the GM knows how she is and most times knows she's lying. Now, she has a reputation of being the biggest liar and being a very deceptive person. No one can trust her and her lying has caused much conflict at the job. No one is perfect, and owning up to your mistakes in being honest about them is best in any situation. Just admit your mistake; it's not that hard and humbling, as well. Lying also promotes fakeness to one's self in not being real to one's self. "Oh...but it might hurt the other person if I tell the truth...they may not accept the truth now!" Well, if you told the truth to start with, then you wouldn't have to be worried about it later, because, most times, they are going to find out anyway. In addition, even if that person never talks to you again when coming forward about lying or being deceptive, at least you were honest with yourself and it becomes easier to move on knowing you told the truth. I'd rather look like a fool in being honest from the start, than to be pegged as a liar and a deceptive person later. It does hurt to tell the truth sometimes, but in the long run, honesty is the best policy. 

Note: There is one extra stanza in this poem as was necessary!


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