A Poem for Thought

More Beautiful for Having Been Broken

Changes come once one becomes heartbroken
Often one's being becomes better, still
More beautiful for having been broken

The hurt brings one's being to awoken
Reflecting on one's life, often one will
As changes come once one becomes heartbroken

Although one sad, to this bespoken
One learns in this to grow until
More beautiful for having been broken

As never having been one becomes hard
Where distance to others one's being sits
Restraints in place one's heart is barred

Once broken one's heart then permits 
A place in allowing others in
Where love and care does then admits

Healing takes place as one softens within
For change comes once one becomes heartbroken
Now open hearted to others blossoms therein
More beautiful for having been broken

      ©Doris Elaine

Thoughts: When one struggles in life one can become very hard and cold towards others; even, to the point of having a hard time connecting with others. One often locks their heart up; especially, if having no one there emotionally as part of the equation in helping one through the struggles. It is hard for me to admit, but I've been there, as you will learn if you decide to read my memoirs' book that's coming soon. Thing is, once one develops that barrier around one's heart, it may take becoming heartbroken in opening one's heart to once again receive and give love. Although the pain is hard to get through, once one does get broken, one's heart becomes cracked allowing others in. And, although, once this happens one may experience a directional mishap in where to go with this new found softness; beauty eventually blossoms in one being able to love and care for others where one's heart used to be hard and closed to others, as one becomes more beautiful for having been broken. 


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