Poem for Thought

This Little Light of Mine


When it seems my life is at a decline 
You give me hope, lifting me up thereof
Making bright this little light of mine

Knowing with You I'm going to be fine
As You give me strength to rise above
When it seems my life is at a decline

With You by my side, You help me shine
As You embrace me with Your awesome love
Making bright this little light of mine

When adversity is in my path
Pounding holes deep within my soul
Even in this You steer me clear of wrath

In allowing me to grow in control
With You as a presence in my life
Helps in keeping my being whole


As sometimes seen in times of hard is strife
In times when my life is at a decline
I know with You there's hope in the afterlife
Making bright this little light of mine 

      ©Doris Elaine

Thoughts: In times of hard the adversity can sometimes impact our souls to the point of slowly distinguishing the light that shines within. Don't let your light go out when faced with hard times. We do have a counselor that will help one through hard times. Jesus is always by your side to give you hope. Hope of living forever with Him is the light that shines within our being; our soul. That no matter your situation, even upon life threating conditions, for a believer in Him, one knows much better will be one's life after the turmoil of this life ends. In the mean time, even though hard in times of turmoil, you can call on Him in helping make your little light shine.  


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