A Poem for Thought - Used to You


Used to You!


Life can sometimes make me blue 
Especially when it seems no one cares
I can say, I've gotten used to you!

For in my thoughts your being grew
As a friend indeed, my heart declares
When life sometimes makes me blue

The need was there to this the Lord knew
And you to others, to this none compares
For I can say, I've gotten used to you!

When others failed, you by my side stood firm
Through the ups and downs you never left me
For this, a true and good friend I affirm

Thou from the start It was hard to see
As I denied this couldn't be true
When to this, I just wanted to flee

However to this my heart sang and flew
As life can sometimes make me blue
When you stepped in and made us two
Now I can say, I've gotten used to you 

      ©Doris Elaine

Thoughts: I know and agree with the Lord as my friend, Our friendship is supposed to be enough. But as human, sometimes we really do need a human friend by our side. True and good friends are hard to come by these days in this me, me, me society. I've learned from the lack, there of, that a true and good friend is not selfish, does not turn his/her back on you, and never gives up on being friends. That he or she will be there for you through thick and thin. Also, sometimes we want to be picky about who we friend and can, sometimes, deny someone simply because we either can't see his or her friendship, or that he or she is so different than ourselves (in action and beliefs) that we want nothing to do with this person. Thus, in the process of denial, loose out on a potentially great friendship. Friends don't happen over night. They grow on us. True and good friends grow together; not apart. And, in today's technological world, distance should not be an affecting issue; as well. I will learn, and hope others do too, to say to a true and good friend, I've gotten used to you!


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