A Villanelle Poem - What If?


What If ?


If I may to this give some insight 
As some may believe Christians are wrong
I'm here to say to all, what if we're right?

What does it hurt to believe despite
In helping one in this life to be strong
If I may to this give some insight

To this hope of a future is bright
As in our hearts this sings out in a song
I'm here to say to all, what if we're right?

Some will burn for not believing this foresight
That Christianity's been right all along
If I may to this give some insight

As non-believer's soul awakes in fright 
When one is cast to where one's life prolong
I'm here to say to all, what if we're right?


Even if wrong, we're happy and alright
As a Christian knows to here want be long
Hope I have to this given some insight
I'm here to say to all, what if we're right? 

             ©Doris Elaine

Thoughts: You know so many non-believers of Christianity want to say we Christians are wrong, silly, and even, we are wasting our lives believing in something we know in our hearts to be true; that is to the non-believer, invisible. Well, let me ask you this, what if we're right? How wrong, silly, and a waste of life for a non-believer while burning in hell for eternity! Time is running out, rather it be in your life time the world ends or your life ends first. Know this, the sooner one does believe and start working on one's spiritual growth, the greater one's reward in heaven. I have been greatly blessed in experiencing some things that let's me know beyond a doubt that God is real and Jesus was sent to earth and rose from the dead to give humanity a hope of spending eternity in heaven with our creator, God. Although, I wish this for every soul on earth, each of us have our own path in life. Even if I'm wrong in believing-which I know I'm not- at least I'm happy and have hope beyond what this world has to offer. I just pray that many do choose to believe, because What if? 


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