A Re-post Poem



After All; I Still Believe

With all the moments that had deceive
In this world where ugly resides
Even now, after all; I still believe

When in this world used is the naïve
To this as evil destroys one's insides
With all the moments that had deceive

And to this one finally does perceive
In knowing the wrong the moments decides
Even now, after all; I still believe

For to the moments tears did fall
And so the heart did pound a sound unknown
But in silence peace did come, after all

As to this world innocence did moan
Then somehow this became my song
When to the evil my heart was shown

Even now, with suffering prolong
With all the moments that had deceive
I'm grateful knowing to Him I belong
Even now, after all; I still believe

   ©Doris Elaine

Thoughts: The innocent and naïve do get greatly used and hurt in  this world we live today. But joy and peace for the used comes in the silence in knowing there is One that will never use your unknowing heart; rather will treasure what you have to offer in trueness. Never give up your realness and humbleness, no matter what. That is something to be treasured when all is said and done believe that good still exists, after all; I still believe. 

Added Notes: This poem was originally posted on July 17, 2020 and is in my book My Form Created: Tervillazanelle. Thought it needed reposting; at least, from where I stand now. I have, myself, been through many ups and downs in my life and know had it not been for Jesus watching over me, I would not have made it through. Recently been through much change in my life and am grateful, He was and is still there to guide me onto the right path. I still make mistakes, as everyone, after all we're human; but, without my belief in a greater power, I would have given up a long time ago. He has given me hope for a brighter future. It's hard to believe in a greater power that is willing, ready, and wants to help those that are being abused and used and or is going through changes or a hard time. Some want to say, "Believing in an invisible God, that's non-sense". But all one has to do is look around at this beautiful, intriguing, and functionable world God created thousands of years ago to know a greater power does exist. And the fact that us humans are still here, when he could have destroyed us long ago, is a reason to believe He loves humanity so much that God gave us His only son, Jesus Christ, to save us from our selves. God, Jesus, our Lord is not invisible! Every waking moment He shows Himself to humanity. I know I can not exist without this knowing; after all, I still believe!


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