A Villanelle Poem for Thought




What God Says


My past in this day does not sway 
To where my being currently resides
As I believe God, not what others say

For He has placed my past at bay
Giving me a future that He provides
Which my past in this day does not sway

And to my salvation Jesus did pay
Granting me grace as my soul He guides
I'm believing God, not what others say

This new birth, the same for others I pray
For the Lord has greatly worked on my insides
As my past in this day does not sway

To the new me, others need not dismay
I'm in this to stay as my soul decides
In believing God, not what others say 
Believe it's me now, to this I relay
For in my soul His spirit abides
As my past in this day does not sway
I believe God, not what others may say  
©Doris Elaine

Thoughts: People, in particular relatives and/or friends, want to judge one so very much; especially when one turns their life over to God and decides to be the Christian God always meant for one to be. Some have a tendency to look at one's past or past demeanor and say "no way" when God says, Yes way! Being born again means one becomes a new creature and one's past and old way of being is forgiven and forgotten. "Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold all things become new" (2 Corinthians 5:17. NKJV). It so sad that people want to hold one's past over one and not believe one can change; especially when it comes to change in becoming a spirit filled Christian. When one faces this judgment from others, know that just as God uses people to get His word out, the devil also uses people to try and diminish the work that God is doing in one. And, many times this use and or trickery can come from the most unexpected familiars (family and friends); especially those that want to keep bringing your past up. When one does become a born again Christian, many times, to others it may appear one has become a "Bible Thumping Christian" that some may see as one being outrageously religious. Well, in the first place I don't claim to be religious; I don't belong to a religion, I belong to Jesus Christ. Secondly, I know I have the Holy Spirit within my being and this I will not ignore. And I'm not ashamed to say, "I'm a Christian". If one wants to take that as being a Bible Thumping Christian, then so be it. Do I still have flaws, yes I do, I never claimed that I don't. But, I refuse to back down from what I know and what God has done for me. If that means appearing as being too religious to others and they want to say "no way, I know your past". Well, I say to them, "God also knew my past and has forgiven it and forgotten it and this is something I will always be grateful for and will never back down from this gracious gift". I don't care what anyone says about me! What matters to me is what God says!!


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