A Poem for Christmas

This form of poem is Acrostic. It spells out something diagonally on the left side of each line. Here an Acrostic Poem for the season.

Merry Christmas

Merry this day for our king was born
Excitement fills the air in celebration
Receiving and giving gifts becomes airborne
Remembering Him this day brings elation
Yesterdays blessings He has adorn

Christ Jesus to us was born
Holy this day we celebrate
Righteous our linage His as worn
Into His kingdom we await
Salvation to us He has sworn
Today our love to Him we demonstrate
Merry we become in being reborn
As Christians everyday we mandate
Soon to come our king that's greatly adorn 
    ©Doris Elaine

Although, unknown for sure, this is the day we celebrate our creator, savior, friend, OUR KING's birth; Jesus Christ.

A very MERRY CHRISTMAS to all! 


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