Growing Strong in The Lord Poem

Strong Enough for Me

When to love I wanted to just flee
I soon realized it's human be this need
As His love is strong enough for me

My love given others to set them free
As is my mission to this life decreed
When to love I wanted to just flee

Then my heart was filled with love to exceed
Pains and woes gone replaced with glee
As His love is strong enough for me

God's love is great enough to give
As I stand in this comfort to know
His love He gave to me this life to live

The danger I face without His love is woe
I must stay strong for others to see
It's His love that brought my life this glow

As to others my love grows to thee
When to love I wanted to just flee
For this knowing my heart and soul does agree
To His love be strong enough for me
     ©Doris Elaine 

Thoughts: Sometimes when in life one has had to be strong to get through one can push back one's need and knowing of love; especially when through life others have tremendously let you down. I know I have been there. One can also forget that others need love just as bad as you do. Even though one may know what true love is; especially if one is close to the Lord and have loved others in this manner, one can tend to ignore one's need for love of humankind to the point that one forgets how to show love to others. It's in these times one is made strong enough to stop fleeing from love and to shine in giving others love as I have learned His love is strong enough for me. 


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