Write A Poem

Write A Poem

Emotions of heart a poet does spew 
As in human contact it does come out
Beware I may write a poem about you

My selection in this among the few
When to you my heart did greatly shout
As emotions of heart a poet does spew

My circle real small to this I knew
Making my emotions sing with no doubt
Beware I may write a poem about you

Words on the page reflect what's in my heart
The rising of reason deep down in my soul
Pen to paper giving me a good start

Into my circle in playing a role
You are invited if you are willing
In accepting a poem may be the goal

The thought of this to some may be thrilling
When emotions of heart a poet does spew
But you do not know to my thoughts instilling
Beware it may not be a poem about you 

      ©Doris Elaine

Thoughts: NONE...…wait. It has been said poets are emotional and that may be one reason why they write poetry. In addition, poets draw inspiration from emotions that cut deep to the heart; if a real poet or even one that tries to be (Kudos). I'm there with you. And, what makes one emotional? Things happening in one's life. In interacting with a poet you may become the subject of one's inspiration; depending. And you may not; depending. 


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