A Poem for Thought

        Gambling Perspectives & Precautions

Life today, we have to use much cautions
Help us Lord with money in using
Gambling perspectives & precautions

Greed for money can make for incautions
Ignoring how to one's soul abusing
Life today, we have to use much cautions

Possession under control takes cautions
Where one has free will in choosing
Gambling perspectives & precautions

Love of money can change a person's view
In making decisions that leaves one hurt
Only to after does one have a clue

If to this one avidly does exert
Continuing down to destruction
Harm to one's soul is then insert

Love of money is an abduction
Life today, we have to use much cautions
Help us Lord in it's construction
To use gambling perspectives & precautions

      ©Doris Elaine

Thoughts: Trading of skills, services, and goods does still exist in parts of the world; heck all over the world. However, most the world today live their lives through acquiring and use of money. Thus, inevitably have to utilize the use of money. But the love of money and in acquiring it in any means possible, can turn one into a greedy person; which, greed being one of the deadly seven sins made possible in living in this world. In using money today we have a limited choice due the functioning of today's governmental institutions of society. It is love of money that has created our current means of utilizing money. For example: We put our money into banks, trusting that it is safe. This truly is a gamble when we do that, but much of society functions in this manner. We end up gambling with our money when we use banks, being not in control, rather governmental institutions are and are being greedy in controlling our hard earned money. In a personal perspective; although, I do not like banks, how else am I to function in today's government run society that controls how we use our money? It's when we use these monumental governmental tools of society in unneeded and unnecessary gains where it becomes a love of money and can create unnecessary and sometimes unwarranted strife in one's life and to one's soul. In other words; knowing, right now, we have to use certain societal tools when it comes to our money, we can still be cautious of not getting greedy with these tools. It's called free will. Also, in the investing arena, we gamble our money every day. It's part of that arena. My perspective on this is, investing is not a bad thing, it only becomes bad when one invest more than they can afford to loose; thus, implementing greed on the hope of high gains. That’s gangling! The love of money can turn one into a very greedy person; thus, can greatly affect one's person in straying away from the faith and their possible entrance into heaven. "For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil, for which some have strayed from the faith in greediness, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows." (1 Timothy 6:10. NKJV). Avidly and unnecessarily gambling with one's money, that God blessed one with, is the love of money. In today's world of a governmentally institutionalized society, it takes gambling perspectives and precautions in not becoming a greedy person in straying away from one's faith in God.   

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