Christianity for Me

 What being a Christian means to me: I'm a Christian by choice; just as, others choice their religious beliefs, as well. That's what being a Christian to me consist of; my belief and my faith in this belief. We as children of God have no authority to condemn, nor judge others in what they believe. Only God has the authority to judge and condemn us humans. And, we as human and spiritual children of God, should not be forcing our religious beliefs onto others. That's not giving others a choice to make their own decision in their religious beliefs. Now simply announcing to the world of what one believes and being excited in this action is not an act of forcing one to believe the same thing. We humans are given free will in choosing what we want to believe; and, that is the only authority we are given when it comes to religion beliefs. When as a Christian I write about or tell about my perspective on a topic as being a Christian, it is only announcing my belief as a Christian about that topic. I am not forcing anyone to believe as I do. Am simply giving one an insight on Christianity as I see it so one may decide in making the choice to believe it or not for themselves. That's one reason I try to include "Thoughts" at the end of each of my poems. So people will know this is my perspective thoughts and belief only; you decide. Telling people that Christianity believes the only way to heaven is through Jesus Christ is not an act of condemning others, nor a forcing of our belief onto others; it's simply stating what we believe as Christians. It's called faith! Just as other religions have their own belief and do announce their belief to others. Seems so many people have the wrong idea of what being a Christian means to many Christians. To me, it's about my relationship with God, my Lord and savior, and in remaining faithful in this belief and not about the restrictive rules many try to adhere to in trying to force restrictive ruled based beliefs onto others. Placing rules and standards in one making the choice of what one wants to believe is, in a sense, however, forcing that religion onto others. Whose to say what religion is right or wrong, as, we truly want know until we die or pass into another state of being, according to and/or what one believes. But, personally, that is the great thing about free will pertaining to one’s belief; in faith, I know. Just as in me writing this, some Christians themselves would not even agree to what I am saying here. But, I am going to remain faithful in my religious belief and choice of being a Christian and will continue in my excitement of this belief in building my relationship with God, my Lord and Savior, through the announcement and perspective of my belief. When I as a Christian write about something pertaining to my belief of that something as a Christian , I am not condemning, nor judging no one. I am simply stating what I believe. Everyone has free will to make the choice of what one wants to believe for themselves. Free will gives us all that authority. Oh, by the way, I'm a Christian, that's my religious belief! 


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