A Poem of Thought!


Given My All


Sometimes to others my being does stall 
Finding it hard to others to reach out
Because it seems like I've given my all

Giving to others my back's against a wall
My emotions, however, just wants to shout
When to others my being does stall

Not able to reach out, I feel so small
I try in this to take another route
Because it seems like I've given my all

I gave and gave through my struggle
That now it seems not a piece is left
My emotions have become hard to juggle

For life has taken pieces of me as theft
Not leaving any for those of now
And to this I am greatly stressed


I've often ask myself to this how
When to others my being does stall
But in this I'll learn to be somehow
As it seems like I've given my all 

      ©Doris Elaine

Thoughts: When one has gone through so much struggle, one can in those struggles give so much of one's self that there doesn't seem to be nothing left to give. In addition, can create within one's self the inability to reach out and/or connect with others; especially if in those struggles, there wasn't much support of others to help one through. One can actually become very distance towards others. Not really knowing how in making an effort to connect to others as the struggle took all one's efforts just to get through. Then when things do finally slow down and/or the struggle eases up, one's ability to interact or connect with others has been taken or tremendously diminished. This inability or struggle to connect with others can cause great stress for one when one wakes to find oneself not being able to interact with others on the level that most people interact. And, one can feel very small in thinking no one will ever understand one's dilemma in this new found thing about one's self. But, there are others out there that feel the same way. Others that also feel they've given there all, and it seems like they have nothing left to give or in finding it hard to do so. I know, I'm right there with them. It is hard when it seems you've given your all and have nothing left to give to only wake up after you've given what seems your all only to realize, because of your struggle (you faced without much support of others), you not only have given your all; but you also, have not developed the ability to interact properly with others. One may even seem broken. 💔 Why? Because, it seems you've given your all. 

Be kind, as you never know what one has been through! Nor, how much one has given of themselves in there life!


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