Poem - Because its Time To....


Because it's Time To....


Things are changing to this I knew 
As I move into the next season
Guide me Lord, because its time to....

For in this season my thoughts grew
With no warning of this preseason
As things changed to this I knew

With You Lord, You'll help me through
Onward in life You give me reason
Guide me Lord, because its time to....

Time to let go the negatives in life
And live on with You in safety
Moving out the things that cause strife

Not to look so hard at what is tasty
As my urges sometimes tries to dictate
Looking to You in this not to be hasty


I know in this Lord, You'll keep me straight
As things have changed to this I knew
With You in this season things will be great
Guide me Lord, because it's time to.... 

      ©Doris Elaine

Thoughts: Life does promote ongoing seasons in our life. Sometimes we move into new seasons in our life unprepared for what that season brings. And, this unpreparedness can cause a great deal of negatives and strife in our life. In order to live in this current season one is in, one sometimes has to learn to prioritize in moving these negatives out of one's life. In this time, one may have to be careful not to move the wrong things out of one's life and to, not worry about what one must give up in this new season of one's life. Guidance or advice is sometimes necessary in making positive changes in one's life. In this new season in my life, I have learned, my best and most accurate guidance has and will always be best guided from the Lord; because, its time to.... 


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