A Poem of Thought

 Afraid of True Love

It's something I can barely conceive of
As to this thing I'm not that familiar
Lord help me not to be afraid of true love

In knowing Your love, how true thereof
But as for man's love, true unfamiliar
It's something I can barely conceive of

Definitive love as Yours from above
I have not known in a mate; thus far 
Lord help me not to be afraid of true love

For I know under Your gracious care
To this unknown thing in human form
You will guide my heart in love, if I dare

Surely as to my heart You have reform
You will give to me Your protection
In allowing me to this thing conform

Help me to learn in giving affection
As it's something I can barely conceive of
Having not received it, I need Your direction
Lord help me not to be afraid of true love

      ©Doris Elaine

Thoughts: Sometimes something one has never experienced can be frightening. That being the case, one can sometimes avoid the experience at all cost. However, many times having not experienced something can also be a fateful thing that one may have to work one's way through. For instance: One having never experienced true love of a mate, for what ever reason. Seems, now a days, some people put so much emphases on the act or idea of love that some have forgotten what true love is all about. Just being married or having a mate, does not make for true love! How many divorces do we see now a days? How short lived are couples now a days? True love does not come with a warranty, nor a binding contract. Although, I may not have the true love of a mate, nor never have, I do know what true love is and how it feels. You may ask: How is that if you have never experienced true love of a mate? Well, for one, I gave up most my adult life in denying love for myself for the love of my children; sacrificial love. And, for another, I have experienced in the most amazing way, the undeniable love of God; which is greater than any love one can imagine. So, yes I do know what love is, how it looks, and how it feels. But, the love experience I am lacking is the true love of a man. I am human, so of course I do get lonely for that human contact of care one gets from true love; but it also frightens me having never experienced it. And too, having never experienced it, nor having never had that kind of caring contact from another human, makes it hard to know how to give it to another. Have learned, however, I must love myself first before I can give true love to a mate. It just frightens me to do so even thou the Lord has worked greatly in my heart in learning to love others, I still need His help in not being afraid of True Love. 


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