Two more Poems preview from the Growing Strong in The Lord Part One

 Here two more poems from "I Am Sowed, By God's Word" of the Growing Strong in The Lord series Part One. Also, now in My Faves series. 

Too Complex to Understand

When it seems, no one will understand
As your life and being is too complex
The Lord knows well what He has planned

Never give up for what He has is grand
For soon His grace on you will reflect
When it seems, no one will understand

In your life He places His hand
Only hold tight for what comes next
The Lord know well what He has planned

Your dreams He will greatly expand
As others pretend to your dreams rejects
When it seems, no one will understand

With Him you only need take a stand
Giving Him your being His subjects
The Lord knows well what He has planned

With Him understanding in this land
Your life and being is never too complex
When it seems, no one will understand
The Lord knows well what He has planned


Thoughts: Sometimes I get depressed thinking no one will ever understand me, nor what I am because of what my life Has been. Nor, even what I believe my life to be now. Then, I realize, of course no one can possibly understand the depths of my soul except the creator of my being; my Lord Jesus Christ. There’s no sense in going through life pouting that no one will ever understand you; of course not. Your life and being can sometimes be too complex for anyone to understand except the Lord. Learning to be grateful that He does understand me and knows very well the depths of my life and being and thankful to be in His hand for the rest of my life because I have gained trust in His plan for my life. He’s the one who understands and loves you most!

Becoming Made Unbreakable

In this world you can become breakable
Unforeseen events greatly turns you blue
Making days, weeks, moments unbearable

Your heart now hurting unmistakable
Feelings of great pain follows in lieu
Making life as you know unmanageable

As you become dazed, life unworkable
Down on your knees, to the Lord you flew
To Him, your prays become speak-able

His strength He gave to you peaceable
For with Him, your life, He knew
Giving to your being feelings enjoyable

No longer your hurting heart breakable
Because with Him you surely grew
His strength, to you, greatly believable

Your life's journey now is take-able
As He gave you a brand new view
And your broken heart, now unshakable

For in this word you are breakable
But the Lord can help you through
In becoming made unbreakable


Thoughts: I sometimes wonder why certain things-not in my control-happened to me as feelings of brokenness invades my being. Then I remember, where the Lord Jesus read this passage from the old writings (Old Testament) in Isaiah about Himself "The spirit of the Lord is upon Me, Because He has anointed Me, To preach the gospel to the poor; He has sent Me to heal the brokenhearted, To proclaim liberty to the captives And recovery of sight to the blind, to set at liberty those who are oppressed, To proclaim the acceptable year of the Lord" (Luke 4:18-19. NKJV). So, even though, this world can leave one broken, The Lord is always there to strengthen you and see you through. He can additionally, take your brokenness and use it for good, making you become more unbreakable. Sometimes, things happen for a reason. Believe and trust in Our Lord. He is Good!


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